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Head Services

“We are always looking for ways to go fast and Arsenal Racecraft will help you gain that winning edge!” Matt Smith

2X NHRA PSM World Champion and Engine Builder

“We are always looking for ways to go faster and Arsenal Racecraft helps us gain that winning edge!”

Matt Smith

2X NHRA PSM World Champion and Engine Builder

Arsenal Racecraft has entered into a JV agreement with Matt Smith Racing (2X NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle World Champion) to develop engine performance upgrade packages. With over 20 years of experience hand porting heads, the porting specialists at MSR have found the optimum port designs for maximum flow through dyno testing and flow charts. Our Rottler F69ATC 5 Axis CNC gives us the capabilities to automatically digitize and reproduce a cylinder head (intake port, exhaust port, and combustion chambers). We will also be able to machine and bore engine blocks from singles up to V-12s, along with making custom parts and much more. (Port mapping done by MSR.) We then finish up with our Rottler SG9A Cylinder Head Value Seat and Guide Machine, which utilizes CNC touch screen controls and Rottler’s Active Spindle for fast location of pilots into the valve guide and precision centering. This process will give you custom hand ported performance for a fraction of the time or cost with championship results.

Custom Engine Builders, have our experts scan and port your heads for you. Our world-class team will take your custom port designs (keeping your designs strictly confidential) and scan them using our CMM software to replicate the port exactly for each cylinder. This results in proven maximum power with industry-leading consistency and fast turn-around time.

We port and bore all heads and blocks from single cylinders to V-12s. We can also weld and repair your head before porting. Pricing dependent on model and condition of the head. Call us for a quote.