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Core Exchange Program


Arsenal Racecraft’s Core Exchange Program requires that a customer or dealer send in their cylinder and/or head in exchange for a core refund when purchasing an Arsenal Racecraft Harley-Davidson or Indian Performance Kit. Customers or dealers have two options when utilizing this program:

Option 1

Dealers can order an Arsenal Racecraft Performance Kit prior to sending the cylinder and/or head core. This option will apply a core charge to the order. A core charge is a percentage of the manufacturer cost of a cylinder and/or head that is added to the price of the kit. Once we receive your core we will issue a reimbursement.

Option 2

Dealers can send in their cylinder and/or head core when ordering a performance kit. Utilizing this option will bypass the core charge and reimbursement process.



Acceptable Cores

Cylinders and/or heads sent in for the Core Exchange Program must be inspected and met within the following criteria to qualify as an acceptable core for exchange:


  • No detonation on the cylinder.
  • No broken skirts on the cylinder.
  • No porting within the cylinder or head.
  • No sleeves installed (cast iron, aluminum, or other)
  • Cylinder and/or head must be OEM size (no overbore or porting).
  • Exterior powder coating appearance must be in good condition.
  • The cylinder and/or head being sent in for exchange must be the same type cylinder and/or head that is being sent out.



Arsenal Warranty

Here at Arsenal Racecraft, we are extremely proud of the quality and craftsmanship that go into our products. We adhere to the highest quality standards. If you feel you have a problem with our product, please contact us! Arsenal Racecraft will not warranty any product that has been modified or misused. All Arsenal Racecraft products carry a 12-month warranty against manufacturer’s defects from the original date of purchase. The warranty department of Arsenal Racecraft must authorize all returns.