Where money buys speed — How fast do you want to go?

About Arsenal Racecraft


Arsenal Racecraft is a performance-based company with deep seeded roots in the world of racing. Our vision when we started was to become a leader in the V-Twin performance aftermarket. We have achieved that goal as Arsenal Racecraft now operates as a full-blown V-Twin race engine facility offering engine performance kits for peak performance.

With over 25 years of industry experience, we’re continuing our racing heritage,
“Where money buys speed. How fast do you want to go?”

We started by purchasing state-of-the-art Rottler CNC equipment. We then partnered with some of the top names in motorsports (Matt Smith Racing, DC V-Twin, CP Carrillo Pistons, Andrews Cams, and Pulstar Pulse Plugs) to develop and produce a performance kit for Harley-Davidson motorcycles that is second to none for heat reduction, durability, and increased horsepower/torque.

At this time, the AR-117 Indian Motorcycle Performance Kit will be available in January, 2018. The kit uses OEM heads and cylinders, plus an Indian Motorcycle performance parts catalog to include carbon fiber wheels, exhaust, and performance air cleaner kit, along with many more parts and accessories.

All of our kits are designed and engineered to
the highest quality standards and are

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