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Performance Partners

Matt Smith Racing
Matt Smith Racing developed our custom proprietary port job. Matt is a 2X-Time NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle World Champion. He not only rides the bike but he builds the engines as well. He works tirelessly during the off-season testing and dynoing different head porting combinations to find every bit of horsepower he can. That’s the reason he has been so successful winning races and leasing his engines to other competitors.

DC V-Twin
Our project developer Derek Churchwell has been involved in various types of motorsports for more than 29 years as a NHRA pro stock motorcycle professional engine builder and custom V-Twin engine designer. He built engines for over 50 NHRA national event wins, 4 NHRA championships, and 3 AMA Prostar championships. He opened his own shop DC V-Twin in 2014.

CP Pistons
Pistons are the backbone of any hardcore racing engine and that’s where CP-Carrillo excels. Our commitment to excellence continues to advance as the industry changes. That’s why we are Number 1 in piston design.

Andrews Cams
Andrews Products is recognized worldwide and throughout the Motor Sports community as a designer and manufacturer of high-quality, durable performance camshafts. Andrews Products is committed to providing products that keep our customers in the winner’s circle year after year.

Pulstar Plasma Plugs
Pulstar uses innovative plasma-assisted combustion technology to increase horsepower and torque. Pulstar features an internal capacitor, to store energy that creates a high-intensity electrical pulse when released. This pulse saturates the fuel with combustion-enhancing plasma, ensuring instant ignition and a rapid burn. That means, increased horsepower, more torque, better throttle response, and fuel economy.

Langcourt Performance
Langcourt Performance’s proprietary plating formula LP-F1 was developed and improved over 25 years in racing applications from Motocross to Formula 1. LP-F1 provides better durability, heat reduction and enhanced performance.