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Harley-Davidson AR-107 Performance Kit

AR-107 Performance Kit*
(heads, cylinders, pistons, cams, plasma plugs, valve train, push rods, gaskets)
AR-107 Big Bore Kit*
(pistons, cylinders, top & bottom cylinder gaskets)

Items Priced Separately

AR-107 Cylinder Heads* $1,435.00*
AR-107 Cylinders* $460.00*
AR-107 Pistons $350.00
AR-107 Cams $315.00
58MM Throttle Body & Intake Manifold $418.00
TTS Race Tuner $445.00
AR Plasma Plugs (set of 2) $37.00

Indian Performance Kit

Currently pre-staged at the starting line. Check back by the end of January, 2017.

Core Exchange Program

Core exchange credit for 2 Cylinders -$100.00
Core exchange credit for 2 Cylinder Heads -$300.00
* Price includes core credit

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